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How does Cash Search work?

You will earn $0.01 for each two qualified searches, maximum $0.15 per day. A qualified search is a search result that is done naturally, where you are seeking actual search results for the query you entered.

Additionally, any week where you search four or more days, you will receive a $0.05 search loyalty reward. Gold Members will receive $0.10 for the search loyalty reward.

How does crediting work?

Your account will be credited the next day for qualified searches. A weekly email summarizes the search credits earned in the past week.

Repeat Rewards

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  1. Click the earn button
  2. Sign up for specially labeled offers
  3. Earn Cash each time you complete the offer

Earn Cash again and again with Repeat Rewards

Repeat Rewards offers are easy to find, complete and earn!

  • Repeat Rewards offers are specially labeled with the Repeat Rewards Logo for easy notification demonstrated below
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RR Winster Games

RR Winster Games

PLUS - Look for emails reminding you to earn more cash by repeating the Repeat Rewards offers you've signed up for.

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