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How does Cash Search work?

You will earn $0.01 for each two qualified searches, maximum $0.15 per day. A qualified search is a search result that is done naturally, where you are seeking actual search results for the query you entered.

Additionally, any week where you search four or more days, you will receive a $0.05 search loyalty reward. Gold Members will receive $0.10 for the search loyalty reward.

How does crediting work?

Your account will be credited the next day for qualified searches. A weekly email summarizes the search credits earned in the past week.

Cash Shopping

Earn Cashback with your Favorite Merchants
  • Step 1
    Shop at Stores


    After you download the plugin, go to an online store, like: HomeDepot, Target, Walmart and more

  • Step 2
    Shop at Stores


    Click the "Add To Ownza" button to add items you want to buy

  • Step 3
    Earn Cash


    Get cash back in your InboxDollars® account when you make a purchase. Learn about crediting

Shop and earn cash with InboxDollars!

ways to
when you shop
with InboxDollars.
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Shop online at 12,000+ stores and
earn 1-10% cash back.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the InboxDollars Shopping, powered by Ownza?

To register you must download the InboxDollars Shopping, powered by Ownza Button through your InboxDollars account Cash Shopping offer. This offer allows you to earn cash back for shopping at a variety of over 12,000+ stores that partner with Ownza. You must be a NEW InboxDollars member with no prior Ownza membership to qualify.

How do I use the InboxDollars Shopping, powered by Ownza button to get cash back?

Once you download the button you can shop online like you normally would. When you're on an online store site that has partnered with Ownza you'll see a pop-up in the upper right corner showing you what other Ownza users and your friends own. If you see something you "Own or Want" as you browse the store, click the "Get Cashback" button to post it to Ownza (make sure you're on the product page, not search results). You need to add a product from that store BEFORE MAKING A PURCHASE to be eligible for cash back on any purchases.

How much can you earn?

Cash back %'s vary by online store and the amount is displayed but generally the range is from 1-10%. Also, some stores pay NO commission on certain products (examples are laptops at Best Buy and hotels at Expedia). Please note that many sites won't pay cash back if you use a discount code.

How long does it take for earnings/credits to show up in my account?

Earnings into your InboxDollars account will appear at 45 days from date of shipment.

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