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Earn $20+ on These Amazing Book and Magazine Offers

Whether you’re an avid reader or casual magazine browser, there are plenty of great deals out there for free or discounted eBooks, audiobooks, children’s books, magazines and more.

When you sign up for these 9 great deals with InboxDollars, you can earn up to $20 or more.

1. Kobo eBooks – Earn $4.00

Kobo eBooks brings you a book for every budget! Purchase an eBook through Kobo and earn $4.00 from InboxDollars.  Must make a valid eBook purchase using a valid form of payment to earn the reward.  Kobo eBooks has thousands of books to choose from and prices start at only $1.99 making this offer a steal.

2. Kobo Audiobooks – Earn 2.00

If audiobooks are more your thing, then check out Kobo Audiobooks that you access through the free Kobo App.  Sign up for your free trial and listen on your smartphone or tablet with the free app and earn $2.00.

I love listening to audiobooks on my smartphone while outdoors walking or folding laundry.  Kobo makes it easy to find more time for the stories you love.

3. Highlights Puzzle Box – Earn $3.00

Get 2 free puzzle books from Highlights Puzzle Box! This deal is perfect for kids who love puzzles and games.  Kids will love having fun with mazes, word games, and other activities.   Order today and pay only $2.98 for shipping to earn $3.00 with InboxDollars – that makes this Highlights Puzzle Box virtually free!

4. Highlights Mathmania – Earn $2.50

Get 2 free books. Highlights Mathmania is packed full of puzzles, numbers, and games to help children have fun with numbers and learn without knowing it.  Order your 2 free books today and earn $2.50. No purchase necessary, but shipping and handling fees may apply.

5. Blue Dolphin Magazines – Earn $2.00

Get your favorite magazines for just $2 each through Blue Dolphin Magazines.  There’s a great selection to choose from like People, Shape, Rolling Stone, and many more.  It’s half the price of buying off-rack at the supermarket, and when you sign up with InboxDollars, you’ll earn $2.00.  Take advantage of this great deal now.

6. Dr. Seuss Books – Earn $2.50

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss books? When you join Dr. Seuss and his friends today, you get 4 books for just 99-cents each. Plus sign up today and get free shipping and 50% off additional bonus books.  This deal is not available in stores.  Buy today and get $2.50 from InboxDollars.

7. Cricket Magazine – Earn $6.00

Cricket Magazines have entertained, educated, and inspired young minds for more than forty years.  Choose from 4 Cricket Media Magazines and get 50% off! Plus when you place your order through InboxDollars, you’ll earn $6.00.

8. Women’s Health – Earn $ 2.50

Women’s Health features articles on fitness, health, nutrition, career, fashion and more.  Subscribe here and save 67% off the supermarket newsstand price and get 15 free fitness guides. Plus when you sign up with InboxDollars, you’ll earn $ 2.50.

9. – Earn $ 2.00

Sign up for your free trial of today and earn $2.00.  With, you can choose from 50,000+ of today’s’ bestsellers and the hottest titles in Romance, Mystery, and many other genres. Stream anytime, anywhere.

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