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Foodstirs – Crafty Baking Kits

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Baking is never easy if you don’t have the right ingredients. That’s why I love eating baked goodies but making them has always been difficult for me. I always have trouble finding the exact ingredients (like almond flour) and often opt for regular flour instead. I wanted to try something new besides the good ol’ Betty Crocker and Pillsbury box stuff. That’s how I found Foodstirs.


What is Foodstirs?


baking hands

Foodstirs is a subscription service that offers baking goods for adults and kids of all ages. Every other month, you receive a baking kit with a theme; for example, February is Valentines Day, April is Easter, etc. The boxes range from cookies to donuts to cupcakes to almost anything that can go in the oven. Not only do you receive dry ingredients, but you also get all the tools like cookie cutters, frosting bags, etc.

In addition to being easy to bake with, Foodstirs goes by their saying, “Made Better to Taste Better.” Their mission is to provide the best natural and organic ingredients in all their baking kits. Every ingredient is authentic, never genetically modified.  Foodstirs chooses planting methods that keep soil healthy and enrich the land. Furthermore, they source their ingredients from small farms that provide a fair wage to workers, making their ingredients clean, sustainable and equitable.

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How was my first kit experience?


It came with everything I needed (except for butter and eggs) and I made the goods in under 30 minutes.  I ordered my first kit in December and the theme was Gingerbread Cookies! Here is what came inside my first Foodstirs baking kit.

kit 1

I love the warm welcome when first opening the kit! I was greeted with all my dry ingredients along with some jelly beans,  gummy bears and peppermint pieces to decorate my Gingerbread men with.



Foodstirs included some super cute Gingerbread cut outs. Look at the mini Gingerbread man!


gingerbread 2

Gingerbread success! Excuse the frosting, I got kind of carried away.


How much is it and how do I join?


Foodstirs has two options: buy specific items or become a member. When you become a member, you join their “Baker’s Club” and from there, you choose your desired subscription. You have four different subscriptions to choose from. You have the 1 kit ($18.99 per kit), 3 kit ($18.34 per kit), 6 kit ($16.84 per kit) or 12 kit ( $15.26 per kit) subscription.

Foodstirs sends out kits every other month and charges you every other month. If you choose the 3, 6, or 12 kit you get more bang for your buck because you are committing to a bundle and paying for your kits upfront.  If you choose the 1 kit, you just pay for one every other month.  I chose the 1 kit because I wanted to test out what they had to offer first.

Click here to sign up and try your first kit through InboxDollars. You’ll earn $5.00 cash back – I paid about $14 for my first box and was able to make 45 Gingerbread men!


Overall, I had a lot of fun making them. The measurements were just enough for me to make about three batches of 15 Gingerbread men. I loved the mini Gingerbread cutout so much, I’ve used him quite a bit. If I used just the big Gingerbread cutout, I would have been able to make about only half my batch here. For this kit, since they were cookie cutouts, you could easily measure how many of each Gingerbread man you wanted.

What will your kit bring you? Sign up for your first Foodstirs baking kit through InboxDollars and receive your $5.00 cash back now!

Happy baking!


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