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NatureBox – Snacking Made Healthy!

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Recently at InboxDollars, we partnered with NatureBox, a company that makes snacking simple, easy, and delicious.

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely a snacker. Chips are my weakness; I can finish a whole bag in one sitting! But since NatureBox offers healthy options like paleo, high fiber, gluten-free, and plenty of salty options,  I thought why not?  Especially since when you sign up and order your first NatureBox through InboxDollars, new NatureBox members get 50% off and you earn $10.00 cash back with InboxDollars.

NatureBox is a monthly subscription service that offers a wide range of delicious healthy snacks including mixed nuts, siracha roasted cashews, BBQ jerky, jalapeno and cheddar popcorn, chips, baked treats, and my favorite: dried pineapple. (So sweet and delicious, I couldn’t believe no sugar added.)  All of their snacks taste good and are actually healthy, so you can pretty much eat everything (and lots of it!) without feeling guilty. They use simple, all-natural ingredients in all their snacks – no additional artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, corn syrup, or MSG.

The most popular item is the “Bestsellers Box 8” box which, as the name implies, consists of the top 8 best-selling snacks. (Trust me, going with their recommended top 8 is a great thing because they offer an overwhelming selection of choices.) If you do want to pick out your own, all the snacks are categorized in sections including Cookies & Bars, Chips & Crackers,  Nuts & Trail Mixes, etc so you can easily sort and browse through your selections.

new wp

NatureBox’s “New” page displays all their newest snacks.



How Does it Work and How much?

To order your first NatureBox, you’ll find it on the InboxDollars Offers page. Clicking on the NatureBox link there will ensure you get $ 10.00 cash back for giving the product a go.  Next, you’ll be guided through NatureBox’s different products and subscription levels.  While most monthly subscription services send you new items every month that they choose, with NatureBox you select the contents you want. There’s no guess-work, just get what you love.  When you subscribe to the same box every month, you’ll save 5% when you do so!

As with other subscription boxes, you become a member when placing your first order. The great thing is this: with your first member, you get a free 14-day membership and you can order anything on site for an additional 40% to 50% off.  And after your 14 days is up, the membership fee continues for the low monthly cost of $5 (not $10 to $20 a month like other services charge).  And that $5 actually gets applied to your order (subtracted from total price), so if you’re buying snacks every month that cost $5+, your membership is essentially free.

And most importantly (in my opinion), NatureBox is commitment-free and has great customer service.  This means you can cancel or modify your order or membership at any time.  From experience, I can tell you that their customer service is top-notch.  I had a question about my order, and the LiveChat Agent was prompt, patient, and clear.


What did I Get?

My order came with: crunchy lentil BBQ twists, salt and vinegar vegetable crips, siracha roasted cashews, turkey jerky, jalapeno white cheddar popcorn, dried mangos, dried pineapples, mini Belgian waffle cookies, Asiago and cheddar crips, cheddar and chili crackers, and dark chocolate nom noms.


full box


hickory smoked turkey jerky



The Jalapeno White Cheddar Popcorn is a hit, but beware! It has some definite kick. 



The Big Island Pineapple is the best, guilt-free snack – sweet, juicy, and delicious. 


I truly was pleasantly surprised.  I ordered NatureBox to get healthy snacks that I hoped wouldn’t taste awful. Far from tasting bad, I loved all the flavors and found that I actually prefer NatureBox snacks to grocery store potato chips and packaged goodies.

With the holidays coming, I’ll be ordering a gift subscription.  This makes a great gift for college dorm residents, busy parents who want healthy snacks, or anyone looking for a tasty, new indulgence.

Order now through InboxDollars and you’ll earn $10.00 cash back! What kind of snacker are you?

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