Earn Cash Rewards for Taking Online Surveys.
  • Make Money Online Completing Paid Online Surveys for Students

    Calling all students 18+. We want your opinions. PT students. FT students. In-between students. Brands want your opinions. Take surveys, give feedback, and earn money online.

  • How do paid survey sites work?

    They work just like they sound. You get paid for answering survey questions on paid survey sites. You’ll give opinions and feedback on a variety of different subjects, from soda flavors to extra-curricular activities to spring break destinations. By giving this feedback, you earn cash, PayPal, or gift cards.

  • Are survey sites a scam?

    As a consumer, you have enormous decision making power. Companies and popular brands want to hear from you. To continually improve their products and services, they need your honest opinions. In order to get feedback from you, and millions of other consumers like you, they work with paid survey sites.

    If you ever spend extra time online, or you’ve been curious about trying paid online surveys, then this is a fantastic way to help companies create better products and services for you and your family while earning cash and free gift cards.

    On reputable sites like InboxDollars, we will never ask you to provide your banking information or a credit card. It’s free to join and it’s always free to take surveys. You should never have to pay to earn money on a paid survey site.

  • Why do brands want student feedback?

    Brands and companies know that students, or millennials age 18-29, have extremely different spending habits than older millennials and Gen Xers. For example, you may spend more on beauty products and have more complex beauty regimes. Compared to older generations, young millennials are sportier, healthier, and more adventurous eaters. They know that students feel more eco-conscious than other age segments, and value “authenticity” in brands and making purchase decisions.

    With this shift, brands want to cater to the taste-makers by understanding the student perception and what they care about. Survey data from students helps brands better create products and services.

  • How much will I earn?

    How much you can earn taking surveys will depend on how many surveys you attempt and complete. Each online survey is for a different company with different audience criteria, and it will offer a different reward or payout amount. Most pay $0.50 to $5.00.

  • I’m not a student. Can I join?

    Definitely. While InboxDollars has a lot of student survey questions, companies need opinions from consumers of all different backgrounds. Some of these groups include moms, dog owners, renters, cell phone users, and more. InboxDollars has thousands of different surveys across a wide range of topics for diverse audience groups.

  • Can I work full-time as a survey taker?

    InboxDollars is a sideline for you to earn extra cash in your downtime. It’s not regular hourly work. Top members will typically make a couple hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars in a year. Most members will earn much less, but these members also spend less time-on-site and complete fewer surveys and earning activities.

  • What kinds of rewards can I earn?

    InboxDollars gives members the choice of several different payment options which include PayPal or gift card. There are gift card options available for nearly 200 retailers like Amazon, iTunes, Athleta, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s, Uber, Taco Bell, Old Navy, Fandango, Nike, Petco, Safeway, Target, Southwest Airlines and more.

  • Why should I take online surveys with InboxDollars?

    Since 2000, InboxDollars has paid over $59 Million in rewards to its members. We’re one of the best survey sites out there, and news outlets and financial bloggers consistently rate InboxDollars as a top way to earn money online.

    InboxDollars also offers other ways to earn extra cash online. In addition to getting paid for taking online surveys onsite, you can also get paid for printing coupons, redeeming coupons, watching video content, searching the web, scanning barcodes, cashback online shopping, and more.

  • Has anyone actually gotten paid InboxDollars?

    Those figures, 2000 and $59 Million, sound good. But InboxDollars doesn’t just state it. InboxDollars backs it up. Check out reviews from these actual members who earn with us on InboxDollars.

    1. ”It’s just something fun to do in my free time and earn cash” - Rebecca W.

    2. ”I love InboxDollars because it’s the best way to make easy, free money in your spare time. I’ve been doing it for almost 6 years now.” - Ken T.

    3. ”I love InboxDollars because it’s just a super great way to just earn a little money on the side. I really love their selection of rewards. I’ve never seen a rewards program that has so many options in terms of just ways to cash out. I definitely recommend InboxDollars” - Samantha M.

  • How do I get started earning on InboxDollars?

    It’s easy to get going. First, you can start out by signing up for free. Register for your free InboxDollars account by providing your email address and creating a password to access your account. You’ll be prompted to confirm your InboxDollars account (by verifying or clicking a welcome confirmation email in your inbox), and then you’ll be prompted to create a profile on InboxDollars. This helps us identify you to survey companies so we can find student surveys that match your demographics and your interests. Then go through the to-do list which will help guide you through all the different ways you can earn.

    That’s it. Now you can start earning money whenever you have extra time and anywhere you’re able to connect online. Take these surveys at school, at home, at work, or on-the-go. You can take surveys from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.