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30 Holiday Gifts Under $30 Dollars

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Disclaimer: We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, InboxDollars may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Prices are accurate and items in stock as of the time of publication.

It’s the most stressful time of the year: holiday gift giving. While I personally love giving Christmas and Hanukkah gifts, as a new mom, I don’t love what it does to my wallet.  

Adding to the predicament, I, like many of you,  have friends and family who are impossible to shop for. Whether they already have everything or are impossibly picky, shopping for them is the ultimate challenge.  

In past years, I’ve thrown in the towel and just gave gift cards and cash. But then it just becomes an even exchange of money, so what’s the point?

Determined not to swap Target cards for restaurant gift cards, I’ve spent nearly hundreds of hours researching the best gifts there are for my hubby, daughter, friends, relatives, and a few others who made the “nice” list.

We’ve looked at the best holiday and Christmas gifts in all affordable price ranges, from under $10 to $30. Here are 30 of the best gifts for $30 or less. From spouses to boyfriends or girlfriends to kids to teachers to neighbors, we’ve got you covered!


Click a price range below to jump to that selection of gifts:


$15 – $20


Under $10


Gifts for $20-$30  

1. Hip Tech Accessories at Casetify for $25

Casetify has hundreds of hip tech accessories for tablets, mobile phones, Apple watches, and more.

Leather phone sleeves turn your smartphone into a wallet. Your mobile phone becomes a chic wristlet with a leather case and gold-toned strap. Genius.

While some of their items are more expensive(ahem, custom monogrammed leather tablet clutch), many of their products start at just $25. 

Check out their unique assortment of hundreds of modern art designs for their clutches, watch straps, and phone cases. There are modern themes like pets, wanderlust, chic, or abstract art, and they also feature designer collaborations like hikari, Sarah Jessica Parker, and DC Wonder Woman Collection.  


2. Luca + Danni Embrace the Journey Bangle Bracelet: $28

This gorgeous, handcrafted bracelet comes in gold or silver tones from Luca + Danni. It would look great as a standalone piece or stacked with other charms and jewelry.  

3. Succulent Studios 3-Month Plan for $30

Succulents like cactus and aloe vera are huge, but occasionally we kill a few before we get the hang of keeping them alive. If this sounds like anyone you know, check out Succulent Studios.  

For $30, you can buy a 3-month plan for your friend. They’ll get 6 organic, California grown baby succulents (2 per month). Whether they’re new to plant parenthood or serial plant parents, they will love this added touched of green! By the end of 3 months, they’ll have honed their indoor-gardener skills. (And if they haven’t figured it out by then, there’s no hope for them. But hey, you tried.)


4. Marvel Cookie Cutters for $ 24.95


Marvel fans and bakers, delight! You can get a set of cute Marvel cookie cutters for only $24.95 at Williams Sonoma. And if you’re new to their site, you can score an additional 15% off your first purchase for signing up for their email list. My niece and nephew love, love, love this setno kid’s Play-Doh baking set is complete without it!


5. Waterproof Speakers for $29.99

Enjoy your tunes while out on the water, the pool, or splish-splashing in the shower. This wireless waterproof Bluetooth speaker is only $29.99 at Target. I use mine at home every morning. I love listening to tunes on my phone, but even when I set my phone on max volume inches away from my shower, I could never hear the music over the shower. Now I bring my music in the shower with me.  


6. Nike Gym Bag for $26.25

At $26.25, who wouldn’t love this cute Nike Duffel bag? It comes in a few color choices (including a solid black), and is great for the gym or just schlepping around town.


7. Let’s face it, most water bottles and coffee tumblers are pretty blah. Banish the boredom with a classy Kate Spade Gold Dot Decal Tumbler for only $30. It is stunning. And if you are a first-time customer, you can save an additional 15% off your purchase, bringing the price down to $25.50.  


8. For the pet parents in your life, consider these customized pet portrait necklaces.  

Modern, hip, and only $28, any fur mama will love it!


9. West Elm Throw Blanket for $29

Who wouldn’t love a warm, cozy, and absolutely gorgeous plaid throw blanket? At every white elephant or Yankee swap gift exchange I’ve been to (and we’re talking like 50+), a nice warm throw blanket has always been one of the more coveted gifts. $29 is a fantastic price, and name brand fiends will be impressed that it’s from West Elm.

10. So, it seems everyone is into beer these days and either making their own brews or drinking with their friends. If you know someone who’d like to give it a whirl but without the heavy investment of tons of items, check out this Brew Your Own Beer Kit for $26.99.

Gifts for $15 to $20


11. Sphynx 3-in-1 Portable Razor $15

Probably one of the most portable and stylish practical gifts you can give, the Sphynx 3-in-1 is a portable razor (holds 2 blades), moisturizer, and water spray bottle in one compact shape.

Its portable size is clever for traveling, or the gym bag or your purse. Pretty enough to gift, and since it’s practical, you know it will get a lot of use. (Unlike those fancy bottles of soap that collect closet dust.)


12. Keep your man groomed and save 20% off at Manscaped

Manscaped boasts they’re number one “in men’s below-the-belt grooming”. They promise their users a “precise trim” with “precision engineered tools” for a smooth and safe shave.

Products start at $4.49, ranging from razor blades to boxers with special cooling technology to their deluxe “The Lawn Mower 2.0” electric trimmer. Most items are in the $10 to $20 range.

As a woman, I haven’t tried the product. (And as a wife, I won’t comment on my husband.) However, Manscaped has been touted as a super high-quality brand. It’s been featured in GQ, Men’s Health, ESPN, Forbes, Maxim, and more.  


13. Kebab Grilling Set $16.99   

A kebab grilling set is a great gift for grillers. I love kebabs, but don’t love having to pre-soak the skewers, wrap them in foil, and watch pieces of pepper or lamb fall off into the pit of smoke and ash. You can get a set of 4 for only $16.99 at Uncommon Goods.


14. For Foodies and Coffee Lovers, Gift the $15.96 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder.

Grind up your own fresh roasted beans or herbs at home. At $15.96, I’m kicking myself for not getting this KRUPS gadget sooner.


15. Touchscreen Leather Gloves for $19.99

Now that you’ve taught Dad to text, keep his fingertips warm in the winter. These touchscreen leather gloves are a total steal for $19.99.


16. For Steak Lovers, gift the Laguiole steak knives for $18.99

They’re a gorgeous set that comes with a knife block. And while they can cost $60 or $70 or more, you can nab them at only $18.99 on Amazon.


17. Self-Cooling Pint Glasses for $18.50

Because no one likes warm beer (or soda or lemonade). Check out these self-cooling pint glasses;.you can get a pair of them for only $18.50.


18. Up Your Smartphone Camera Game for $17.99


If you’ve got someone on your shopping list who uses their smartphone as their primary camera (who doesn’t?), check out this 4-in-1 lens kit on Amazon.  

For $17.99, you can play around with angles and lighting. Sweet.


19.  Every grill master needs this a Grillight Spatula for $15

20. This next gift is only $25 and it’s just what it sounds like: a grilling spatula that lights up in the dark so you can actually see what you’re flipping and charring over the grills. Food52 sells Grillight tools in a one-piece, two-piece, or three-piece set. If you sign up for their new customer mailing list, you can save an additional $10 of your Grillight purchasenice!


Gifts for $10 to $15

21. Winter Wireless Music Hat for $13.98  

My husband loves this one. If you have a winter outdoor enthusiast on your list, they’ll want this wireless music beanie hat. My husband wears it when shoveling the driveway, or when going for walks, snowboarding, and other cold weather activities. The hat starts at $13.98 and there are over half a dozen colors to choose from.  


22. Oregon Trail for $14.99

 “You have died of dysentery.” Anyone on your list born in the 70s or 80s will smile, and instantly place that line from the floppy disk computer game Oregon Trail. You can enjoy the funwith those awesome old-school graphicsin a board game form of this classic for only $14.99.


23. Award-Winning Toddler Toy for $14.99

While my husband hates toys that have flashing colors or make noise, our niece missed the memo. She loves her Spike toy, a fine motor hedgehog toy for toddlers. She digs the chunky pegs and bright colors. Only $14.99 at Amazon.


24. Mason Jar Love for $10.95


For the hipster, hostess, or mason jar lover on your list, check out these adorable mason jar soap dispensers. I’ve seen them all over Etsy and Amazon, and $10.95 is the most inexpensive price I’ve seen. (If you’ve seen cheaper, let me know!) It’s a fun, classic look, and easy to personalize with some chalk paint or spray paint and stencils.


25. A Touch of Bob Ross for $13.93

Kids and grown-ups alike will delight with this fun Bob Ross heat changing mug at Shop PBS for only $13.99. As the mug heats up, his blank canvas comes alive with vivid colors.


Sign up for their emailing list, and get an additional 15% off. Get an awesome mug and karma culture points for supporting public television! And remind the lucky recipient that we don’t make mistakeswe have happy accidents.


Gifts Under $10

26. Seasonal Wine Stopper for $2.79

This adorable antler bottle stopper is a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer for any wine drinker. You can pair it with a $7 bottle of wine for a great gift under $10.


27. Perfect Sized Vase for $6

I love flowers and floral arrangements, large and small, but never seem to have enough vases on hand. If you have friends and family like me, gift them this cute Hearth & Home vase from Target. It’s the perfect size for just a few buds, and decorative enough for them to have out with or without flowers in it. $6.


28. Florence Balducci Mug for $5

You can never have too many mugs (especially when mine always seem to be chipping or breaking). This cute Florence Balducci animal alphabet mug is a great gift for anyone who loves modern design with a touch of whimsy. At only $5 it’s super light on your wallet. And name-brand fanatics will love that it comes from Anthropologie!


29. Charge Your Phone on the Go, Tassel Charger for $8.88


I can never find my keys and my phone is always dying. I’m sure plenty of your friends can relate, making this $8.88 tassel charger one of the most practical and thoughtful gifts you can give. Clip it with your keys to the outside of your purse (no more digging through the endless pit inside!), and always have some extra juice to charge up your phone. I also really love the compact size. I’ve had other portable USB chargers (plug them in the wall at home, charge them up, and have a few extra hours of juice), but they were so bulky. This is a lightweight, elegant solution.  


30. Plant Jewelry for $4.99

Do you have a roommate, colleague, or spouse who clutters up the house with succulents and indoor plants they never water? Give them a cute (if not passive-aggressive) prod with this modern “Water Me” plant stake on Etsy for $4.99.  

And there you have it, a list of 30 great holiday gift ideasall for under $30. Happy gifting this holiday season, and share your frugal favorites with us on Instagram or Facebook.

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