Tips on Taking Paid Surveys on InboxDollars.

February 5, 2017 by Brenda Earning Cash From Home

Take These 4 Surveys and Earn $1.25

1. The Qualification Survey (earn $0.25 in 3 min)

These 4 surveys take less than 5 minutes each and by taking them, you'll get access to more surveys.

Qualification Survey Image

The Qualification survey is very similar to a General Profile Survey but with questions that are more geared towards your personal status like, your household income, kids in your household, what you do for work, etc. By completing the Qualification survey, you will unlock more surveys that you will qualify for. You can find this survey here.

2. The General Profile Survey (earn $0.50 in 3 min)

General Profile Survey Image Both the General Profile Survey and Qualifications Survey are used to find surveys that are relevant for you to take. The General Profile Survey doesn’t include specific questions like the Qualifications Survey does. Instead, the questions are more general like what is your gender and age?

3. The Interest Survey (Earn $0.25 in 3 min)

Interest Survey Image This survey consists of questions about your interests. Though very short, this will help determine what kinds of surveys or offers of content you’d rather see. An example would be if you play video games or if you shop online.

4. The Household Survey (Earn $0.25 in 3 min)

Household Survey Image A household survey is exactly what it sounds. This survey is short and consists of a few questions about your home and living. Some of these questions might be about what you spend on for home improvements and how many kids or pets you have.

Check Your Email & InboxDollars App for Best Surveys

We will email you or alert you through the app when great surveys are available. These surveys come and go quickly so it’s best to try and take them the same day we send you a message. These surveys are targeted specifically to you and may take some time finish if the amount is high, like $5. With this said, check your email and the app often. Companies are always on the lookout for their ideal customer. If they have found you and you are receiving notifications about new surveys, you’re in luck because more than likely, you are a match. It is important to know that InboxDollars send out daily emails to tell you when new or more surveys are available.

Be Patient! You Will Qualify.
sorry message image

It’s frustrating when you don’t qualify for surveys and more often than not you will not qualify. Taking paid surveys can really be a hit or miss but be patient! When you first start taking surveys you have a lower chance of qualifying for them. This is because survey companies are still trying to find the best surveys for you. They will ask you pre-screen questions before the survey starts to see if you are a fit. For example, if they are looking for parents but you don’t have kids, you will get disqualified. The more surveys you take the better we get at matching surveys for you. So keep at trying and answer honestly.

Be Honest and Take Your Time.

Honest Image Most of the surveys are accumulated off your responses. If your answers are inconsistent, for example, you stated you are 30 years old in our profile surveys but you say you are 40 in the surveys; you will be disqualified from that targeted survey. The more accurate your responses are, the better the surveys. So take your time and answer truthfully!

Good Luck!

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    March, 2017 by Brenda

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