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7 Smart Money Moves You Should Make Today

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About 5 years ago, I hated thinking about money. With student loans, medical bills, and credit card debt, my finances were a mess. I had a ho-hum bank account (barely any interest, tons of bank fees) and I didn’t even want to think about my credit score, let alone look at it.

When my old clunker finally broke down and I had to get a new car, that’s when I was forced to confront my financial reality. Applying for an auto loan was a sobering process, and being offered a double-digit interest rate was the wake-up call.

There were some simple money moves I made that helped me right track my finances. And even today, with my credit score nearly 200 points higher, I am still always on the lookout for new or better ways to simplify my finances.

Here are seven simple steps you can to make the most of your finances.

1. Clean Up Your Energy Habits

When you sign up to become a clean energy customer with Arcadia, you’ll save both money on your electric bill and the environment.  Pretty great, huh?

Arcadia is the first nationwide energy service giving renters and homeowners access to clean energy and savings.  Customers decide what kind of energy they want to support: solar, wind, or other renewable options. Sign up through InboxDollars today and link your bill and earn $5.00 in your account.

2. Start Using Ting Mobile

Ting Mobile helps you make sure that you only pay for what you use. The less you use your phone, the less you pay! No more worrying about paying for what you don’t use. Try Ting Mobile today! Sign up through InboxDollars and earn $15.00 in your account.

3. Get Automatic Savings with Qapital

Your savings will automatically start accumulating when you sign up with Qapital. Qapital helps you save smartly, invest confidently and measures your daily spendings to find out what the best amount is to set aside for savings. Earn $10.00 when you sign up through InboxDollars and link your bank account!

4. Get Started with Stash

With Stash, now you don’t have to be a millionaire to make money in the stock market! Stash is for people who want to take charge of their financial futures but need a helping hand to get them started and to see them through their journey. Stash is also for the millions of Americans that have been overcharged and underserved by traditional banks, brokers, and investment advisors.

Stash offers options for customers to invest for their short and long-term goals, from saving for a home to saving for retirement. Customers can open an investment account and choose from over 70 curated stocks and investments that reflect their goals, interests, and personal beliefs. Stash teaches new investors the core principles of investing and helps them plan with confidence in order to meet their goals. You can actually learn while investing.

And you can also automate: the Auto-Stash (feature) is a simple way to automate your investments. Making small investments on a regular basis is the key to maximize your savings while taking the risk out of trying to time the market.

Start with just $5 – and there is no minimum to start saving! Plus, Stash will add $10 to your account.

 5. Install Charlie

Take the financial stress off your shoulders and use Charlie.  Taking care of your everyday expenses is never fun not to mention add tons of stress on a daily basis  – especially when you know you are overspending.

With Charlie, you’ll have a personal virtual financial friend. He’ll help you keep on your toes on late fees, score better deals, boosting your bank account, credit score, loans, bills, you name it.

The Charlie app analyzes your daily spending along with looking into each of your bank accounts to make sure you are not missing any payments. Charlie never misses an expense, transaction – you can rely on him 100%.

Have a financial goal? Want to save $100 a month? Charlie has got you! If you download the app through InboxDollars, you’ll earn $2.00 in your InboxDollars account. You must connect your bank account to receive credit.

6. Earn 5% Back When You Open a REDCard + $3.00

Do you shop at Target? Why not open a REDCard? Right now, InboxDollars members earn $3.00 cashback when they open one. On top of that, you’ll earn 5% back on all your Target purchases.

7. Find a Side Hustle!

I have always had a side gig going. When I’m 99, I’m sure you’ll find me in a retirement home selling other residents candy bars at a 50% markup.

A side hustle is a great way to hustle in some extra cash. Whether it’s dog walking, food delivery, or taking surveys on your tablet, InboxDollars offers many more options to cash in on the gig economy.

Check out this great post on side hustles that can help you earn an extra $5K. Or feeling lazy? Check out our paid videos here.

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