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80 Companies Still Hiring Now During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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80 Companies Hiring Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Whether you’ve recently lost your job because of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic, or you’re just looking to pick up some extra cash, things might feel discouraging at the moment.

But take heart. Even though many retailers and non-essential businesses have closed, there are plenty of companies that are hiring right now.

Beyond “still hiring”, many companies are desperately trying to fill open positions because of COVID-10.  Many employers are offering extra sick-time benefits, hourly wage increases, and other bonuses.

Deliver Food with a Food Delivery Service.

Online orders for food delivery have soared in recent weeks. You can make money delivery meals with a number of food delivery services.

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3. Grubhub is also hiring delivery drivers.
4. ChowNow, in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City, is hiring couriers.
5. Postmates is hiring people to join their delivery fleet. Deliver restaurant orders and grocery orders.

Get Paid to Grocery Shop and Delivery Grocery Orders.

With many people unable or unwilling to venture out for groceries during the Coronavirus Pandemic, there is a high need for grocery shoppers. You can get paid for shopping for grocery orders and delivering them to customers at home.

6. Shipt
7. Amazon Flex
8. Instacart
9. Postmates
10. Favor
11. Peapod by Giant

Warehouse and Distribution Jobs

Warehouses play a key role in logistics and transporting essential goods across the country. Hiring going strong for these job roles. Loading, stocking, unloading, shipping, receiving, and inventory management are some of the job tasks.

Among many hiring employers, Amazon has many warehouse positions. They are advertising rates $17+ an hour or more with no previous work experience required. Through April, there is an added $2/hr bonus.

Other companies that are hiring for warehouse, logistics, and distribution positions include:

12. FedEx
13. Chewy
14. Frito-Lay
15. Cardinal Health
16. Target
17. US Foods
18. UPS
19. PepsiCo
20. General Mills
21. Dohrn Transfer Company
21. Red Bull Distribution
22. United States Postal Service
23. Republic National Distributing Company
24. Wesco Distribution
25. PacifiCorp
26. Procter & Gamble
27. Georgia-Pacific

Many other companies are also hiring workers for similar job roles. Check the listings for local jobs in your area.

Supermarket & Grocery Store Jobs

Providing food and other household essentials, supermarkets and grocery stores are busier than ever. Many supermarkets, like Target, are offering generous packages too, like hourly wage bonuses during the COVID-19 Pandemic, protective gear, and additional sick time.

Listening to news stories and read articles online, it feels like every grocery store is ramping up hiring. In fact, some sources say they are “desperately hiring“.

Some of the supermarket chains currently hiring are:

28. Walmart
29. Aldi
30. SuperValu
31. Publix
32. Southeastern Grocers
33. Fred Meyer
34. Giant Eagle
35. Harris Teeter
36. Food Lion
37. Giant Food
38. SpartanNash
39. Hy-Vee
40. Fairway Market
41. Compare Foods
42. Foodland Supermarkets
43. Piggly Wiggly
44. Price Chopper
45. Shop ‘n’ Save
46. ShopRite
47. WinCo Foods
48. Wegmans
49. Albertsons
50. Kroger

You can also look for job openings at other local grocery stores in your area.

Gas Stations and Convenience Stores Are Hiring

Like supermarkets and grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores have stepped up their hiring too. Nationwide, they are scrambling to meet staffing.

Some of these companies on a Coronavirus hiring frenzy:

51. BP
52. Speedway
53. Sheetz
54. Wawa
55. Casey’s General Stores
56. Sunoco
57. Tom Thumb
58. Cal’s Convenience
59. Marathon Petroleum
60. Circle K
61. Murphy USA
62. 7-Eleven
63. Holiday

You can also look for  jobs at a local gas station near you.

Pharmacy, Medical Assembly, Consumer Goods, and Other Jobs

With a high demand for medical products and essential consumer goods, there’s a need for related jobs. Companies are struggling to fill positions in pharmacies, medical assembly, production of consumer goods, dollar stores, and other industries.

Some of these other companies hiring during COVID-19:

64. Aerotek
65. GE Healthcare
66. 3M
67. Philips
68. Unilever
69. CVS Pharmacy
70. Dollar General
71.  Dollar Tree
72. Family Dollar
73. Walgreens
74. HCA Healthcare
75. Genetech
76. Honeywell
77. Lily
78. GSK
79. Johnson & Johnson
80. Nestlé

These 80 companies are not the ones hiring during COVID-19. The Coronavirus Pandemic has created a huge need  for workers in other fields, too. Psychologists, health care specialists, system operators, certified public accountants, and academic advisers are just a a few of those high-demand jobs.

And if looking for ways to make money while staying home during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve got you covered. From cash surveys to videos, check out these 15 easy ways you can make money from home during social isolation.


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