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BarkBox – Cash For You, Treats For Your Dog!

Did you know that you when you buy your dog treats and toys this season from BarkBox you can earn up to $15.00 cash back? BarkBox has some great stocking stuffers for Rover! Check out our newest offer with BarkBox!


What is BarkBox?

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your dog. Every month, your dog will receive 1 box that comes with at least 2 toys, 2 treats, and 1 chew toy.  Each box consists of new surprises, so your dog will never get bored. And if your dog doesn’t love any of the items, you can exchange it for free. No questions asked. Check out our offer with BarkBox here.

The Holiday season is the perfect time to show your pooch some love. BarkBox items are great stocking stuffers for your dog and your friends’. A one month supply will score you 5 great items. And since Fido loves new toys and tasty treats all year long, you can order a 6-month or 12-month supply at a discount.

When ordering, choose the box and plan that best fits your dog.


sizes and packages


What Can I Expect in My BarkBox?

Every box is unique in its own way! You’ll find at least 2 toys, 2 treats (healthy and tasty), and 1 chew toy. Take a look at some of the items I’ve scored from my last few BarkBox orders.

barkbox 1

Love the Thanksgiving-themed feast of turkey & cranberry poppers, jerky, and pumpkin spice latte mutt mallows. 

barkbox 2

And the boots on a tug rope and squeaky hedgehog were adorable and surprisingly sturdy.

Each month has its own unique theme, tied to seasons, holiday, or other fun trends.


Sign Up with BarkBox Today and Earn Cash Back.

Right now, sign up for BarkBox through InboxDollars and earn cash back. You’ll get $5 for your first box, and an additional $10 when you re-order or continue your monthly subscription. (Please note that the payout amounts are subject to change.)

What are you waiting for? Hurry and order your first BarkBox through InboxDollars today! Your dog  – shredding through wrapping paper – will thank you!

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