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Earn $5 in 5 Minutes on Your iPhone

InboxDollars has lots of great offers to top off your earnings.  Many members only check out the offers page from their desktop or laptop, but did you know there are tons of fantastic offers that are only available on mobile?

You can access these mobile-only offers by going to in the browser of your phone. is mobile optimized.   (Android users: read here how you can earn $5 in 5 minutes from your Android.)

These offers are always changing, but right now, we have several great offers that you can complete from your iPhone to earn at least $5 in 5 minutes. Please note: while the offers may be completed within a short period of time, some of the offers may take 3-7 days or longer for earnings to credit to your account.



1.) Sign Up for the moolah® App, Earn $0.50

The moolah app gets your money back on purchases after the price has dropped. Say you buy a sweater for $ 18 and a couple weeks later the price drops to $16. Moolah tracks these price drops and works to get you the $2 back.

If you sign up for the free moolah app through InboxDollars and link it to your Amazon account, you’ll bank $ 0.50. Sweet.


2.) iOS Users: Get Your Free 90 Day Trial of Apple Music, Earn $0.75


With Apple Music’s premium library of over 40 million songs, you can play all of your favorites ad-free. You get your entire music collection, along with Apple’s vast library, right at your fingertips.  Earn $0.75 when you start your free 90 day trial of Apple Music today.


3.) Install the Free Shopkick App and Get Kicks, Earn $3.50

The Shopkick app rewards you for shopping.  With the app, you earn points or “kicks” for the shopping you already do.  You can earn kicks for checking into a store, scanning particular items (no purchase needed), linking your card, or buying a specific item.

Install the free Shopkick app today.  Get the first Kicks in your Shopkick account and InboxDollars will reward you with $3.50. Must earn kicks within 7 days of installing the app to receive the reward.


4.) Install Slot Game Apps, Earn $ 0.35


Slotomania is the world’s favorite app for free slot and online casino games.  Install Slotomania on iOS and reach level 5, you’ll earn $ 0.25.

Similarly, Caesars Slots is a free, Vegas-style app.  Spin reels and win Caesars Slots coins, and free casino gifts. Install the app on iOS today and you’ll earn $ 0.10.


5.) Get a Free Dog Walk with the Wag! App, Earn $0.25

Install the free Wag! app and sign up for a free dog walk and you’ll earn $ 0.25.

I tried this one a couple weeks ago and was impressed. It was easy to install the app, then select the future date and time when I wanted the walker to come.  I made $0.25 and Kermit got a free 30-minute walk in the park.

With chilly weather still upon us, now’s the perfect time to make someone else go tromping through the snow and mud with Fido!


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