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Make Money Today! Zero Experience Jobs You Can Do From Home

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In the vastly changing world of employment, nobody could have predicted that there would be so many opportunities to make money from home so easily. You don’t even need college degrees, job experience, or any qualifications at all. It’s called the third workforce, the at-home jobs that help companies and individuals alike. And with new jobs popping up every day, there is no shortage for this new workforce.

Stay at home moms, the retired, the entrepreneurs, and the side-hustle heroes all have equal footing in this field. Let’s look at some of the best opportunities to make money on the side from home, many with no prior experience needed!

Virtual Assistants

As the world shrinks, everybody and their dog is looking for a virtual assistant to delegate tasks to complete. It doesn’t even have to be a business. Private individuals know the value of outsourcing tasks like booking reservations, finding cheap deals, and making calls to their virtual assistant.

Work from your own home. Keep your pajamas on. Work on your own schedule or around your busy life, this job is as flexible as you need it to be.

While some may say that it’s tough to compete with VAs from the Philippines or India, if English is your first language, you are the preference for many Western employers who would like a VA they can trust.


Education is in such high demand that informal tutoring remains a profitable field for job seekers. If you have experience in a particular subject, you can use that to teach someone who’s struggling with it.

It can be anything from tutoring a language, a class in junior high, or a college-level subject. If you can do it, someone out there is having a hard time and is willing to pay to learn it.

Tutoring can go beyond academic studies as well. You can offer to tutor in musical instruments, job search skills, or just a cooking demonstration. Put your natural abilities to good use as an online tutor. You can even upload courses to sites like Udemy, Skillshare, or even YouTube to collect ad revenue as well.

Teaching English

Separate from online tutoring, a highly lucrative niche is the world of English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching. Many places in the world now see the value of learning English to expand their horizons and offer them better opportunities. In countries like India, China, Vietnam, or Japan, those who have good English skills know they have better career choices.

Sites like VIPKIDs or Cambly offer the inexperienced a place to tutor willing people in English. You don’t need to have formal education or any experience at all. Even big companies like Disney offer international English teaching to people who are willing and patient to teach English.

Opportunities range from the classrooms of China to private one-on-one English teaching to adults wanting to learn the language. Sometimes, people just want to practice conversation and sites like iTalki connect you to people around the globe who want no-judgment conversations in English.

Data Entry

There are some jobs that are too menial for companies to do, so they outsource it to people around the world. If you are adept at spreadsheets, can interpret data, and can type at a proficient level quickly, you can make excellent money with data entry. Of all the jobs, this is one of the most flexible on this list, offering you opportunities to work whenever and wherever you want.

This is an ideal job for people who don’t have access to a phone or don’t want to speak to people as part of their job. If you’re a night owl and up at 3 AM, you might as well make some money with your time. It’s entirely virtual and requires no interaction whatsoever.

Call Center Representative

However, if you’re a chatty, outgoing person with a good phone connection, you can become a call center representative. You know how nice it is to call up a business and actually speak to a person? Yeah, that person could be you!

Companies all around the world use remote call centers to outsource sales, technical help, and general assistance to people just like you. If you can be available during a set number of hours, you can register yourself as a call center representative, even for a few companies at the same time. All you need is to have access to good internet and the time to answer calls as they come in.

No experience or qualifications are needed. However, if you have skills in IT, in sales, or in HR, you might find more opportunities open to you at higher pay rates.


I know of people who have traveled the world for months at a time doing this job. They take their laptop and fund their trip using transcription services from many big clients. Transcriptions, if you don’t know what it is, is the process of taking audio or video and writing it down, making it easier for someone to access the information.

Transcription services often require that you take a test to prove your typing and English skills. You can get hired for video captions, legal transcriptions, medical transcriptions, and various other fields. You can get insight into a wide variety of businesses which is a good resume booster for later on life.

This truly is a beginner’s industry with almost no barriers to entry, although you have the potential to work up to partner with big clients for major amounts of work.

Website Testing

Although you might see different jobs as a software tester, site tester, or UI/UX tester, it’s all the same premise. If you can offer opinions about your own experience using a site or mobile app, companies are willing to use this data and pay you money for it.

If you’re too familiar with a site, you tend to miss out on the quirks and hidden flaws. That’s why companies and start-ups like to hire online site testers to browse their sites for them. It’s like an online focus group, providing valuable feedback from real-life users on their opinion and the browsing experience of the site or app.


Although there are sites that will tell you that an English degree is required for editing and proofreading, don’t let that stop you from looking into this job. Proofreaders are just fancy terms for readers. If you can read, you can do this job.

With the rise of self-publishing, authors have complete control over their own books. They can write them, hire someone to write them (I’ll get to that in a minute), edit them, and get them proofed on their own. As a self-employed proofreader, your job is to be a set of fresh eyes, going over a text for signs of obvious errors, incongruity, grammatical errors, and anything unclear.

While no official degree or certification is needed, the more technical you can be, the higher your pay rate. If you can proofread high-level academic papers, legal work, or medical journals, you can charge exorbitant amounts to work from home


Working from home allows you the freedom to work when you want. Many companies pay for this kind of freedom, and telemarketing companies are high on that list. They are willing to pay you high rates for making outgoing phone calls for sales, follow-ups, or to generate leads for their business.

Professional telemarketing services are either prohibitively expensive or are set up in countries where English is obviously not the foremost spoken language. If you are a native English speaker, your conversational skills and phone could translate into big bucks in your own time. Conduct interviews, do research, make inquiries, the options for telemarketers is not limited to just making annoying sales calls. If you can be flexible and open with your time, and you have a problem talking to just about anybody, this could be the perfect job for you.


Writing is one of those things that is hard to teach. By its very nature, you don’t need any qualifications to write in any capacity. And the writing community is so large that you can find work on many different platforms and forums on a daily basis. If you offer a portfolio, some social proof, and have good ability, your writing will always be in demand.

Here are just some of the options for writing out there:

  •     Web copy
  •     Sales letters
  •     Social media posts
  •     Articles
  •     Whitepapers
  •     Scripts
  •     eBooks
  •     Ghostwriting
  •     Blogs

Again, just like any other job listed here, if you have the experience, you can set very high rates and have a good command over your client list to work only on the top level projects.

Translation Services

Although some might say that the barrier to entry is higher for translation services, there is no formal qualification needed to put yourself out there. Do you know more than one language fluently? Hang up your shingle today as a professional translator and you could find a wide assortment of jobs out there.

You can do anything from writing translations, live phone call translations, or even offer your services to the police and medical staff. If you already speak more than one language, use that natural ability to get great work. The bonus is that there is relatively little competition for translators, especially if you speak less popular languages.


Robots can’t do all of our jobs just yet. Many sites and forums require the physical presence of an actual person to moderate and overview the site. It is your responsibility to ensure that every member online is following the guidelines of the company and adhering to moral and ethical boundaries.

Moderators can be hired by big companies like Disney or EA or even small parenting sites or baby forums. You can do live moderation for chat rooms and comment sections. Or you can do passive moderation when you peruse posts on a site to remove offending or aggravating comments.


There you have it. There is no obstacle holding you back from making money at home today. It doesn’t matter about your background, your experience, or your history. Even if you’ve never worked a day in your life, these job opportunities are open to anybody willing to give them a try. Check out some of the options we’ve shared, or the job boards on these remote work websites. Also check out these tips for minimizing distractions when working from home so you can be at your most productive. 

And if you find a gig or side hustle that works for you, make sure to let your friends know. You can earn money by referrals too with dozens of websites and apps that will pay you cash for referring your friends and family.

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