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Relax, Wine, & get $20 Cash Back with Winc

Whether you are working from home or a busy parent, you're never too busy for wine. Take the time to wine down and enjoy some of Winc's amazing wines!

When you subscribe for a monthly delivery with Winc, you get personalized wines made just for you, delivered straight to your door. When you first subscribe to Winc, you take a taste or palate quiz answering questions like, "How do you like your coffee?" and "How do you feel about citrus?" No matter what kind of wine person you are, Winc will make sure whatever they send you fits your tastebuds so you know you're getting wines that fit your liking every time.

When you receive your bottles of wine, you can rate them so you know that the next batch will be tailored more to your tastebuds - it's win-win!

Sign up with Winc through InboxDollars and you'll get this limited time $20 off your first order and an additional $20 cash back - that's $40 off! This great offer is limited only to new members and subscribers, so make sure you subscribe for a monthly delivery with Winc. What we love about Winc is that if you suddenly decide that you want to skip a month, you can and you can cancel your membership at anytime.

If you are like many others who like to wine down after a long day, we think that you would love Winc and you'll be more than happy to get a delivery every month! Don't wait! Sign up through InboxDollars and get that $40 off today!

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