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Rewarding Moments: Cinnamon

This week's Rewarding Moments goes to Cinnamon from Red Oak, Iowa. She has been an InboxDollars member since September 2019. She found out about InboxDollars from friends of hers and she loves taking surveys and playing games to earn!

Here's what she says about InboxDollars:

I've been using IBD for a few years now, but I became more consistent after surviving multiple strokes during the pandemic. I couldn't walk for a few days, I had to go to Physical Therapy to regain my strength just to be able to walk safely again. My hand still shakes. I'm lucky I'm young & my deficits aren't as bad as it could have been. They discovered a hole in my heart, a birth defect, they think caused the strokes. Which I will soon have a procedure to close to prevent more strokes from happening. I now have to find and buy detergents that don't spill when my hand twitches. When I cash out on IBD, I send it to my Amazon account which now helps pay for my prime membership so I can order the hard to find elsewhere cleaning supplies I need. Since getting sick could trigger another/deadly stroke, I'm grateful my IBD rewards can help me get the disinfectants & detergents I need to keep my cats & I protected.

Here is a photo of Cinnamon

Thank you, Cinnamon, for sharing your story with us! Thank you for being a dedicated member. We appreciate you!

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