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Rewarding Moments: Dana

This week's Rewarding Moments goes to Dana from Baltimore, MD. She has been an InboxDollars member since June 2017.

Here's what she says about InboxDollars:

I'm disabled so I'm not working like I use to. My grandson was starting his first year of elementary school and I promise him and his mother that I would get him his first bookbag for school I didn't have the money at that time so I went to my inbox account and with the money I made from inbox I bought an Amazon gift card in order to purchase the book bag for my grandson for his first year of school and that made me very happy to see that he was happy to receive his book bag for his first year of elementary school

Thank you, Dana, for sharing your story with us! Thank you for being a dedicated member. We appreciate you!

Here is a picture of Dana's grandson

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