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Rewarding Moments: Krystal

This week's Rewarding Moments goes to Krystal from Oxford, NC. She has been an InboxDollars member since September 2023.

Here's what she says about InboxDollars:

I've not gotten my first payout yet cause I'm saving it to get one large lump sum to be able to do something special for my family. A trip to the mountains. My family and I have only ever been on 1 vacation. Hell, my husband and I have never even been on a honeymoon when we married over 9 years ago. But I want to take a special trip with my family for the first time and we all want to stand on the mountain tops together. Making memories to last a lifetime as a family while my children are still young means a lot to me, especially since we have gone through homeless and back in the past years. We deserve something rewarding for all our failures and successes. I know inbox dollars is going to help me get that trip and help me occasionally with things like gas, groceries and so much more! I'm so thrilled to have found such an amazing app that actually does that it says it does.

Thank you, Krystal, for sharing your story with us! Thank you for being a dedicated member. We appreciate you! \

Here's a picture of Krystal and her family

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