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September Bingo

Here's another round of InboxDollars Bingo! For this game, members get a chance to win up to a $10.00 Bonus!

Pre-registration (the option to join the Bingo game early) for this Bingo Board starts Friday, September 15th at 8am PT/11am ET and you can start marking off squares at 8am PT/11am ET on Monday, September 18th. You can join the fun anytime, but you must submit your finished pattern by 11:59pm PT on Monday, September 25th.

Activities included on this BINGO Board include:

  • Answering the Daily Poll
  • Redeeming a WinIt code (Find WinIt codes on our social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).
  • Visiting the specified merchant and clicking to activate the Billy Button! Visit www.inboxdollars.com/extention if you are not sure what the Billy Button is.
  • Redeem For A Gift Card
  • Spend $50 on MyGiftCardsPlus. If you’re planning to complete the MyGiftCardsPlus square make sure you give yourself enough time to receive the Cash Back from your purchase to make this square as complete. The square is completed once you earn the Cash Back from your purchase at MyGiftCardsPlus and NOT when you buy the card. The square will automatically be marked off when the Cash Back credit to your account.
  • Upload A Magic Receipt that contains a Premium Deal to check off this square. A Premium Deal is any deal that contains a Star on their card.
  • Clicking through specific shop stores. (You never know what great deal you'll find all while earning extra cash back!)
  • Adding specific grocery items to your shopping list on Magic Receipts.
  • Completing an Offer.

Please remember that you can only submit ONE board by 11:59pm PT on Monday, September 25th so make sure you fill as many squares as you can before you submit your board to earn your bonus!

What are you waiting for? Get your Bingo pants on and head on over to your account to JOIN now! Remember, you are not in the game until you press JOIN NOW on this page: www.inboxdollars.com/bingo.

Good luck!

Most offer earnings will be credited to the member’s InboxDollars® account within a few business days of offer completion. Some offers may credit immediately, while others may take up to 30 days to credit. Members should read and comply with all requirements of an offer to ensure timely credit.

InboxDollars® credits members for completing offers based on information we receive from our Advertisers. Thusly, the Advertiser has the final say in whether or not a member is credited for completing an offer. For more information, please read full terms of CASH OFFER CREDITING.