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Stores with Layaway: 14 Stores Offering Interest Free Payment Plans with No Credit Check

14 Stores Still Offering Layaway

Updated April 14, 2021

Layaway hasn't gone extinct. Plenty of stores still with layaway are out there. Whether you’ve used it yourself or not, you probably have an older parent or family member who has.

If you’re tight on cash, layaway provides a way to make your needed purchase interest free. And with no credit check required. Layaway is a godsend for many of us around the holidays or helping us stretch to the next paycheck.

While saving up until you can pay cash is best, that’s not always possible. When your wallet’s empty but you see the hard-to-find toy your kid wants, or a pair of those It Sneakers on the shelves now, layaway can really save the day.

And layaway isn’t just for toys and shoes. You can use layaway for grills, TV’s, game consoles, cribs, school uniforms, mattresses, furniture, engagement rings, and more.

Layaway Definition: What is Layaway?

With layaway programs, a store will lay away an item you want but you can’t purchase now. Usually, you have to pay a service fee or deposit upfront (i.e. percent of total order). Then a participating retailer will put your item on hold interest-free for a set period of time. It’s usually between 4 to 13 weeks. Once you’ve paid for the merchandise in full, you can bring it home.

Layaway plans offer an easy financing plan for those who have limited or damaged credit. While credit cards require a credit check and may have income requirements, layaway plans don’t. Generally, the only requirement is that you’re 18 years or older and can show proof of your age.

Layaway stores became popular during the Great Depression in the 1930s and then peaked in use during the 1960s and 1970s. Around the 1990s, layaway plans became less and less common as credit cards became more available. But when shopping slowed during the Great Recession, layaway programs re-emerged.

Right now, there are many layaway stores once again offering this service for customers.  Whether it’s only around the holidays or a year-long offering, layaway is an interest-free option of putting an item you can’t afford now within reach. Online layaway and in-store layaway are becoming more common.

Check out the details on these 14 popular national stores with layaway.

Walmart Layaway

Walmart Layaway is offered during the holiday season. Dates can vary slightly each year, but generally, Walmart Layaway begins in September and ends in early to mid-December.

Deposit and Fees: No upfront fee. The down payment is $20 or 20% of the purchase total, whichever is greater.
Minimums: Individual item(s) on layaway must be valued at $10 or greater. Total layaway purchase must be $50 or greater.
Restrictions: Layaway generally not available on Black Friday. In-store purchases only. There is no Walmart online layaway. Wireless phones are excluded.
Cancellation: If the account is closed or canceled, layaway Walmart items will be returned to store inventory. Down payment and subsequent payments made will be refunded, less $20 or 20%, whichever amount is greater. In certain states, cancellation fees do not apply or are set at a different threshold amount.
Returns: Walmart’s general Returns Policy applies to all merchandise purchased on layaway.
Location: A layaway purchase must be set up at the pickup desk, Photo Center, or Garden Center. Payments can be made at any register, but final payment and merchandise pickup must be made at the same location where the layaway was set up.
Other Information: Layaway online is not currently offered, but that could change in the future. During the holiday or layaway season, check for any updates on Walmart Layaway Policy. Walmart Layaway rules are subject to change at any time.

GameStop Layaway

Zero-fee layaway is available in GameStop stores. GameStop offers a zero-fee layaway plan. This is a great option for gamers to make sure they get the system or game they want, even if they can’t pay for it straight away. The information on GameStop’s website appears dated, so it’s unclear if this is a seasonal holiday or a yearlong option. Check at your local GameStop store.

Deposit and Fees: A minimum $25 deposit is required.
Minimums: Ask at your local GameStop store.
Restrictions: Ask at your local store.
Cancellation: Your layaway deposit is refundable at any time.
Returns: Ask at your local store.
Location: All layaway plans must be set up in a GameStop store location. All payments must be made at the same store location where the layaway plan was set up. Merchandise must also be picked up in the same store location.
Other Information: Your layaway deposit is refundable at any time. When making layaway installment payments, trades may be used as an effective form of payment. Currently, layaway online is not offered.

Marshalls & TJ Maxx Stores Layaway

Marshalls & TJ Maxx, both part of the TJX brand portfolio of stores, offer a 30-day layaway program. Here’s the scoop on what you need to know about T Maxx and Marshalls Layaway so you can take advantage of this interest-free option.

Deposit and Fees: A minimum of 10% of the purchase or $15, whichever is higher, is required. There is also a service fee of around $5. This amount varies by state.
Minimums: Ask at your local store.
Restrictions: Jewelry, furniture, food items, and marked-down (red tag) merchandise may not be purchased on layaway.
Cancellation: $5 cancellation fee.
Returns: Ask at your local store.
Location: All items must be picked up or canceled within a 30-day period. Inquire at your local store for more information on where layaway set-up, payments, and final merchandise pick-up should be made.
Other Information: Layaway is offered only for in-store purchases at Marshalls and TJ Maxx, and it is not offered in all store locations. Select stores participate in the layaway program. Use the store locator to find a participating Marshalls store or TJ Maxx store near you. While online layaway is not currently offered, this may change in the future.

Burlington Layaway at Burlington Coat Factory and Baby Depot

Baby Depot at Burlington is a part of Burlington Coat Factory. Information about Burlington layaway programs is limited on their website. They advise customers to visit the customer service desk at any Burlington store location to learn more about the program. Typically, Burlington layaway plans are for 60 days, but for select Baby Depot items, you may be eligible for 90 days.

Deposit and Fees: 20% deposit due up front and a $5 service fee to set up.
Minimums: Ask at your local store.
Restrictions: Ask at your local store.
Cancellation: A $10 cancellation fee, except where prohibited by local state law. Refund for cancellation, less the $10 fee, will be issued as a store gift card. No cash refunds will be made.
Returns: Ask at your local store.
Other Information: Burlington layaway information is limited on the Burlington website. Customers heavily encouraged to visit their local Burlington or Baby Depot store. Possible that terms and conditions vary by store.

Ashley HomeStore Layaway

If you want to do furniture layaway, you’re in luck. Ashley Furniture offers layaways. There is no online layaway, but many Ashley HomeStore locations offer layaway service.

Deposit and Fees: Ask a store rep at your local AshleyHomeStore.
Minimums: Ask at your local store.
Restrictions: Ask at your local store.
Cancellation: Ask at your local store.
Returns: Ask at your local store.
Other Information: No information of any kind is offered about HomeStore Layaway is offered on their website, except to state the service is offered in some stores. It is probably a good idea to call your local Ashley HomeStore in advance to inquire.

Mattress Firm Layaway

Mattress Firm is another furniture layaway option.  The retailer offers a 90-day layaway plan. A 10% deposit is due upfront. Mattress Firm has over 3,5000 store locations in the U.S. The chain sells mattresses, bed frames, bedding, billows, cribs, changing tables, dressers, and more.

Deposit and Fees: A minimum deposit of 10% is due when setting up a layaway plan. For additional fees, ask a store rep at a Mattress Firm store near you.
Minimums: Ask at your local store.
Restrictions: Certain products and models do not qualify for Mattress Firm Layaway. Excluded merchandise includes floor models, vendor rollbacks, vendor rebates, furniture, accessories, clearance merchandise, and other special merchandise.
Cancellation: Mattress Firm will refund all payments made up to 90 days if the layaway is canceled. If the original item(s) selected for layaway is no longer available, you can request a full refund or ask that the payments made be applied towards other merchandise.
Returns: Ask at your local store.
Other Information: Mattress Firm will not order your layaway item(s) until the final payment has been made and the full amount owed has been paid in full. If interested, ask about layaway online at a local Mattress Firm store.

Kmart Layaway

Kmart offers layaway options to customers in-store and online. You can shop layaway in-store or with the Kmart app. Kmart online layaway is also an option. For layaway payment terms, the options are either an 8-week or 12-week plan.

Deposit and Fees: A down payment of $10 is due for the 8-week plan (online or in-store).For the 12-week plan (offered in-store only for purchases of $300+), the down payment is also $10.
Minimums: Inquire at your local Kmart store.
Restrictions: Some in-store items may not be eligible for layaway. Ask a local store rep. For Kmart Online Layaway, items marked “Layaway Eligible” can be purchased with layaway. There are many eligible popular categories, including washers, dryers, and other large home appliances, outdoor furniture, clothing and shoes, tools, TV’s and electronics, indoor home furniture, home goods, vacuums, toys and games, and outdoor recreation goods like swing sets, trampolines, and pools.
Cancellation: Except where prohibited by local state laws, there is a $20 cancellation fee for 12-week plans. For 8-week plans, the cancellation fee is $10.
Returns: Inquire at your local Kmart store.
Location: Online layaway may be set up. You can also set up a layaway plan in a Kmart store, on the Kmart app, or by texting LAYAWAY to 56278.
Other Information: There is a service fee to set up Kmart Layaway. For 8-week plans, the fee is $5. For 12-week plans, the fee is $10. Payments are due in set installments. For 8-week plans, 4 payments are due after the down payment is made. For 12-week plans, 6 installment payments must be made. If a payment is missed, there is a 7-day grace period. After the grace period, your layaway contract will be canceled and item(s) returned to stock. A nonrefundable cancellation fee will be applied. Layaway payments can be made in-store or online. You can opt to have Kmart Layaway Payment Text Reminders sent to you.

Sears Layaway

Sears offers customers “Pay Your Way with Layaway”. Unlike most layaway programs that are in-store-only, Sears also offers layaway online. Additionally, Sears offers layaway all year round. Depending on the item or total purchase amount, layaway plans are 8 weeks or 12 weeks long.

Deposit and Fees: A down payment of $10 is due. For 8-week plans, there is a $5 service fee. For 12-week plans, the service fee is $10.
Minimums: Inquire at your local Sears store or with an online Sears rep.
Restrictions: Items designated “Layaway Eligible” can be purchased with Layaway. The selection of eligible items for layaway is quite large and it includes home decor, luggage, televisions, laptops, home theater, gaming, jewelry, kitchen appliances, refrigerators and ranges, washers and dryers, dishwashers, exercise equipment, camping and outdoor gear, toys, tools, and more.
Cancellation: Except where prohibited by local state laws, there is a $10 cancellation fee for 8-week plans or a $20 cancellation fee for 12-week plans.
Returns: Inquire at your local Sears store.
Location: Layaway may be set up online or in a local Sears store.
Other Information: 12-week contracts are only available in-store for purchases of $400 or more. There are terms on payment installations. 4 payments of the remaining balance owed are required for an 8-week contract (after the down payment is made). For a 12-week contract, the remaining balance must be made in 6 payments. If a layaway payment is missed, you are given a 14-day grace period after the payment due date before your contract is canceled and the item(s) returned to stock. Layaway payments can be made in-store or the online Layaway Center.

Furniture Mart

Another popular furniture layaway option is Furniture Mart. Furniture Mart Layaway is available in-store and online. A 25% deposit is due up front, and the balance must be paid within 12 months. With 12-month terms, Furniture Mart offers an extremely generous repayment length of time.

Deposit and Fees: 25% deposit is due when setting up your layaway plan. Inquire with a store rep at your local Furniture Mart location about other fees.
Minimums: Ask at your local store.
Restrictions: Ask at your local store.
Cancellation: There is an unspecified cancellation fee. Inquire at your local Furniture Mart store when setting up your layaway plan.
Returns: Ask at your local store.
Other Information: You can place any Furniture Mart merchandise on layaway, including sales items.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker Layaway is available in-store only. It’s offered all year round. A 20% down payment is due straightaway along with a $5 setup fee. The balance must be paid in full within 30 days.

Deposit and Fees: A 20% down payment and $5 setup fee is due when setting up your Foot Locker Layaway.
Minimums: Ask at your local store.
Restrictions: Ask at your local store.
Cancellation: There is no cancellation fee.
Returns: Ask at your local store.
Other Information: The full balance owed must be paid within 30 days. There is limited information about layaway online. To find out more, ask a store rep at your nearest Foot Locker location.

Shane Co.

Shane Co. offers layaway to customers both online and in-store. Shane Co. Layaway is available all year-round, too. Shane Co. Layaway gives you up to 6 months to pay in full for your total purchase.

Deposit and Fees: 20% of the total purchase price must be paid upfront as a down payment. On their website, Shane Co. states “No interest or fees”.
Minimums: Ask at your local Shane Co. store.
Restrictions: Ask at your local store.
Cancellation: Shane Co. states that layaway purchases are “100% refundable and returnable”.
Returns: Ask at your local store.
Other Information: Payments are due in scheduled installments. One payment per month over 2 months, or two payments per month over a 6-month period. Ask a store rep at a local Shane Co. if other options are available.

Kay Jewelers

Another layaway store for jewelers, Kay Jewelers offers layaway as an in-store option for customers. Kay Jewelers Layaway is available all year-round, however, deposit, fees, cancellation policy, and payment schedule will vary store to store.

Deposit and Fees: Ask at your local Kay Jewelers store.
Minimums: Ask at your local store.
Restrictions: Ask at your local store.
Cancellation: Ask at your local store.
Returns: Ask at your local store.
Other Information: With limited information available, your best bet is to inquire at a local Kay Jewelers store. As terms and conditions will vary by store, you may be able to “shop” different locations to get the best layaway terms and conditions. Layaway may not be offered at outlet locations, but it’s worth an ask. Online layaway s not a current offering.

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Is Layaway a Good Idea?

Before you try using layaway, there are a few items to keep in mind if you’re thinking about using layaway:

-How does layaway work? Ask that question at any layaway stores you're considering. There is no one set layaway definition; it will vary from store to store.  Ask questions and get it in writing.
-What is the repayment period? Understand exactly how many weeks or days you have to pay the full layaway amount, and what happens if you are even one day late.
-Is there a set payment schedule? Do you need to pay every Friday or every other Thursday? Or is the store flexible? Do you just need to pay for the full purchase before the final due date?
-Where do payments need to be made? How do you track the layaway balance owed?
-Is the item that you want to put on layaway is eligible for layaway? Some stores put restrictions on certain items.
-Is there a layaway cancellation fee? The cancellation fee could be the cost of the service fee upfront, deposit, or a different set fee.
-What payment methods can you use? Can you make layaway payments with a credit card, or does it have to be cash?

Pros and Cons on Layaway Programs

Layaways offer flexibility for cash-strapped shoppers, but layaway has its pros and cons.


-With a layaway plan, you’re avoiding debt and credit card interest. Layaway programs won’t raise your debt-to-income ratio and negatively impact your credit score.
-You can spread out the expense of a large shopping spree, like holiday shopping, over a long period of time. With some retailers like Walmart rolling out layaway in early fall, you can give a 3-month window or longer to pay off a large shopping bill interest-free.
-You can get ahead of the holiday shopping rush. No messing with crowds leading up to Black Friday and the days counting down towards New Year’s. With layaway, all your shopping is done early so you can relax.
-Forced savings. It’s forcing you to save money, even if the piggy bank is the store holding your item(s).
-Guarantees you the availability of the item you want. For some deals or items, like electronic goods or popular toys, you have to move quickly in order to snag one. With a layaway program, you’re locking down a high-demand good.
-There’s easy acceptance criteria. For layaway programs, there are no income or credit checks. You do need to be 18, however, and have a valid proof of age.
-You can lock in on the sales price. Maybe the item is a killer 50% off for today only but you don’t get paid for another week. Layaway is a great way to get that deal.


-You can miss out on bigger savings. You’re stuck with the purchase price you got the item(s) at when signing up for the layaway program. If the item later goes on sale, or even clearance, you’re out of luck.
-Strict payment terms may be tough to stick with, especially if you have to repay on a set schedule.
-It’s easy to overspend with layaway programs, especially when many have a minimum spend amount required in order to set one up.
-Fees can add up. A $10 layaway fee probably doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you’re making a $60 purchase, that’s like paying 17% in interest.
-You could potentially lose your down payment. Life happens. If an emergency arises and you can’t afford the items, you’ll have layaway cancellation fees. Some stores will also charge a restocking fee.

Final Thoughts on Using Layaway Plans

While it’s always great to save up for your purchase and pay cash, that’s not always a reality for many of us. Everyone has felt the pinch between paychecks. And when it comes to holidays, back-to-school, or hard-to-find items that get snatched up quickly, layaway is a great way to lock down the goods.

And on a practical note, a no-interest layaway plan is better than interest fees or an overdrawn bank account. Get your kid the latest game or toy they “need” without going into debt.

Let us know if you try any of these stores with layaway and what your experience is. And for more tips on saving money and scoring free deals, check out the InboxDollars blog. You'll find tips on scoring free Starbucks drinks, gas savings and gas vouchers, the best part-time jobs, free gift cards to Amazon, and more.

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