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Tips From Your Fellow Members

Here's your weekly tips & tricks from your fellow members! These members have taken the time to share with us how they use their time on InboxDollars to earn the most everyday. We hope some of these tips & tricks will help you navigate through our site better and help you find a more efficient way to earn! Read more tips on our Facebook page.

Welcome new members and for those who have stuck with us for some time, thank you for being wonderful members.

Katherine Gallup says:

My favorite way to earn is through receipts. You can use the Magic Receipts or if you have no items you can still get 2 cents per receipt. Not a lot but it adds up fast. Plus you can use ScanSense while shopping for even more money đź’°

Sue Gumbel Roth says:

Magic receipts has become my new favorite way to earn. I've gotten a chance to try new products like Lemishine dishwasher detergent for free. It's a little tedious going through all the steps, but it's worth it!

Mary Teelon-Nichols says:

I believe that participating each day is key. Create a routine that works for you and be consistent. I start my day by logging in to Inboxdollars and check e-mails, winit code, learn & earn. I normally check out videos & surveys in the afternoon-evening time. Try to complete daily list & goals. I like to take a break and play & game or 2. Enjoy yourself and rewards will come.

Emmalee Johnston says:

I always attempt to complete the daily activities. And then I spend my spare time watching the videos and playing games. Also, I always use the search option. It helps to earn more chances to scratch and win!

Jaime Reverson says:

I log on from my phone and i do the surveys and also the arcade games to earn. I look for the winit codes as well and the playing bubble monkey is the fastest way to get the scratch offs. I'm happy for the 2 cents that it gives because with every 2 pennies makes a difference and I get closer to cashing out! Thank you for this opportunity to earn! What i earn goes to my family and helps in a great deal!

Bob Young says:

I go between the app and the website version as both have a few different ways to earn. The website version is easier for me to see and earn the daily list and daily goal bonuses... which really add up! One feature the app has is "Playtime" under offers. Choose your favorite game and get paid to play it.

Bobbie Laufenberg says:

I start with searches, I love using Inbox Dollars to research what I need to know before I start my projects and in between I play games ( Wordwipe is a favorite). If I have a few extra minutes at the end of the day I find the surveys interesting as well as profitable!

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