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January 2018 by Stacy

The InboxDollars offers page is filled with tons of unique offers, from sandwiches to flowers to coupons.

While many are exclusive savings and deals for our members (i.e. first month free subscriptions or 40% off savings), there are a handful of free offers that offer a quick payout simply for signing up.

Those types of offers are always changing. To make sure you’re not missing out, the key is to check the offers page frequently AND make sure you’re checking out the offers on both your desktop and your mobile device.

Even if you don’t have the InboxDollars app installed, you can access the site from your mobile device by going to from your browser.  The mobile site has enlarged font and icons and is easy to navigate.

This month, we have eight great offers you can complete in about 10 minutes that will pay you a cool $ 9.75.  The first few offers are for mobile devices, but all the others are available on mobile or desktop. Here they are:


1. Sign up for the moolah app to get retail refunds and earn $0.50


The moolah app gets your money back on purchases after the price has dropped.  Say you buy a sweater for $18 and a couple weeks later the price drops to $16.  moolah tracks these price drops and works to get you the $2 back.


If you sign up for the free moolah app through InboxDollars and link it to your Amazon account, you’ll bank $0.50.  Sweet.


2. Install the free Shopkick app, earn $2.00


shop kick


When you install the Shopkick app and collect “kicks” (or Shopkick points), InboxDollars will pay you $2.00.

You don’t need to spend a cent to collect “kicks”.  The app is extremely easy-to-use and clearly outlines free ways to earn.  For example, you can earn kicks just by walking in or checking into a specific store. For just walking in the door at Walmart, Family Dollar, or Target, you’d earn 25 kicks.  Some stores, like Marshalls, Fabletics, or American Eagle will pay you 50-100 kicks or more.

I installed the app and earned $2.00, and then later banked over 600 “kicks” while just walking around the local mall.


3. iPhone Users — Sign up for mobile xPression, earn $2.00


Join mobile xPression and stay active for 7 days and you’ll earn a $5 Amazon gift certificate from mobile Xpressions and InboxDollars will pay you $2 cash.

Plus, by keeping the software on your phone or tablet and your PC, you’ll be eligible for entries into mobile xPression’s weekly prize sweepstakes.

Currently, only iPhone users are eligible for this offer.  In the future though, it may be available for Android users as well.


4. Sign up for Paribus, earn $1.00



Paribus is a price tracking app that scans your receipts and looks for savings. Companies drop their prices all the time, and Paribus works to get you those savings.

For example, if you buy a bicycle for $ 98 and one week later the company lowers its price to $ 88, Paribus will work to get you the $ 10 difference refunded. Pretty sweet, huh?

And when you sign up for Paribus through InboxDollars, InboxDollars will pay you $1 for joining.

On a personal note, I can tell you that after I signed up for Paribus, they found $ 7.81 in refunds for me from a recent online purchase at Cost-co of home office supplies and paper towels.  How big is the refund coming your way?


5. Get your free credit score and earn $2.00


There are two free, great credit offers you can complete and earn $2.00.

Sign up on, you’ll get your free score, report, and monitoring.  InboxDollars will pay you $1.50 for signing up with valid info.

Credit Sesame is free to join!  Sign up in 90 seconds or less and you’ll get your free credit score and credit monitoring, free identify theft protection, plus other tips and insights. And you’ll earn $.50 from InboxDollars, too!



6. Sign up for Harris Poll Online, earn $1.00

harris poll

Join Harris Poll’s online survey community and earn points that you can redeem for merchandise, rewards, and gift certificates.

Sign up for Harris Poll Online via InboxDollars and InboxDollars will pay you a $1.00 signup bonus!


7. Sign up for free grocery samples from Cool Savings, earn $ 0.50


cool savings

It’s as easy as that. Sign up for Cool Savings and submit your valid information, you’ll score free samples and InboxDollars will pay you $ 0.50.


8. Sign up for free samples with samples&savings and earn $ 0.75


free samples

To get this perk, you’ll complete a short survey about your grocery spending habits and sign up free for samples&savings.  InboxDollars will pay you $0.75 for signing up.


Signing up for all these offers will help add nearly $ 10 to your InboxDollars account.  While you may have tried out some of these before, which of these have you missed out on?

But don’t stop here! After you’ve completed these 8 great offers, check out these 12 other easy way to earn with InboxDollars you probably don’t know about so you can bank an extra $60/month!



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