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How to Earn Your First $30 with InboxDollars

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Whether you’re a new member trying to cash out your first payment or a site veteran, you’ll want to check out these insider step-by-step tips on how to earn your first $30+ with InboxDollars. (If you’re not currently a member, you can sign up in 30 seconds for free here. And we’ll pay you a $5 cash bonus for registering.)

And guess what?  You can get to $30+ without spending a dime or having to qualify for any surveys.

I myself have completed all of these activities and earned the cash back incentives.  Let’s take a peek.


1.) Activate your account.


We’ll pay you $5 for activating your account.  To do this, after signing up you’ll need to look for your first PaidEmail in your email inbox and confirm receiving it.  Tip: it may take a couple minutes or more for it to show up. And if you don’t see it in your primary inbox, check your promo, social, spam, or other filtered folders. You can read more about activating your account by confirming your first PaidEmail here.

Total Earnings: $5.00


2.) Complete the profile survey.

Completing this survey will help us match you with surveys that could be a good match for your profile.

Everyone qualifies for this survey! It takes a few minutes to complete, and you’ll earn $0.50 for filling it out, and then be eligible to take other paid surveys here.

Total Earnings: $ 5.50


3.) Watch the how-to video.

Watch the how-to video to learn a little bit more about InboxDollars, you’ll earn $0.05. Just a nickel, but it all adds up!

Total Earnings: $5.55


4.) Complete all the to-do list activities.

There’s a short list of to-do activities to complete when you join InboxDollars. The activities provide a basic overview of different ways to earn.  You get paid for completing each individual item in the to-do list, but as an added bonus, after completing all of the items (takes a few minutes), you’ll earn an additional $0.50.

Total Earnings: $6.05


5.) Complete your first paid survey on our surveys page.

The very first paid survey you complete on the Surveys page pays out $0.25 or more.

Total Earnings: $6.30


6.) Complete the InboxDollars Household Survey.

This survey will tell us a little bit more about your household (i.e. how many children living there, rural or urban area) and help us better match you with surveys.

Everyone qualifies for this short survey, and you’ll earn $0.10 for completing it!

Total Earnings: $6.40


7.) Complete the InboxDollars Interest Survey.

Similar to the Household Survey, the Interest Survey helps us better understand your interests so we can match you with surveys or earning opportunities that could be a good fit.

Again, everyone qualifies for this survey and you’ll get paid $0.10 for it.

Total Earnings: $6.50


8.) Sign up for OneOpinion and earn $2.00.


What’s your opinion? OneOpinion wants to know! Sign up for OneOpinion Online and you can help companies make better products and earn cash, with one opinion at a time.

You take surveys, earn points, and then cash out. When you sign up via InboxDollars, you’ll get $2.00 just for joining and registering for your account.

Total Earnings: $8.50

9.) Complete the Big Buck Survey.

If you complete the short Big Buck Survey, you’ll earn $2.50.

Big Bucks Survey is one of InboxDollars’ top 10 offers.  Big Bucks gathers consumer data to help brands better understand household shopping habits.

In addition to earning $2.50 from InboxDollars when you sign up with valid information, you’ll also win a chance at a $1,000 Target gift card.  Drawings are held monthly for this prize.

Total Earnings: $11.00


10.) Sign up for Opinion Square.

It’s free, safe, and secure to sign up for Opinion Square, a market research company that helps brands understand consumer habits so they can develop better services and products.

Complete this free offer with valid information and you’ll earn $3.00.  This is one of the first InboxDollars offers I ever completed, and the signup process really was quick and painless – it took fewer than 60 seconds.

Total Earnings: $14.00

11.) Get a free McDonald’s Sandwich.

Sign up to receive your FREE McDonald’s Sandwich and you’ll get $1.50 from InboxDollars.

Total Earnings: $15.50


12.) Sign up for a Netspend® Visa® Prepaid Card.

Get paid up to two days faster with no credit check, no minimum balance, and no activation fee.

Netspend® lets you handle your money, your way. You can make in-store purchases, shop over the phone and online, and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide.

Sign up now to get your Netspend® Visa® Prepaid Card and you’ll earn $0.50.

Total Earnings: $16.00


13.) Install the free Shopkick app on your mobile and earn $3.50.


While you’re on InboxDollars’ mobile offer page, install the free and fun Shopkick app.

With the Shopkick app, you earn points or “kicks” for the shopping you already do.  You can earn kicks for making purchases, just scanning items (without buying them!) or for just for walking into a store.  There are tons of participating merchants, like American Eagle, Best Buy, Walmart, Macy’s and more.

Install the free Shopkick app and earn you first free kick, InboxDollars will pay you $3.50. Must earn kicks within 7 days of installing the app to receive the reward.

Total Earnings: $19.50


14.) Sign up for free makeup samples with  Cosmetics Samples&Savings.

This offer is for ladies only. (Sorry guys.) Register to get free makeup samples from top brands with Cosmetics Samples&Savings and you’ll earn $2.00.

Total Earnings: $21.50

15.) Sign up for Pinecone Research and earn $2.00.

Join Pinecone  Research and earn points for every completed survey you take. Redeem points for rewards and prizes.

When you sign up for Pinecone Research with your InboxDollars account, you’ll earn a $2.00 cash bonus. Being opinionated pays!

Total Earnings: $23.50


16.) Sign up for free supermarket samples from Cool Savings.

When you sign up to receive free samples from Cool Savings, you’ll get great, free sample merchandise and earn $1.25 from InboxDollars.

Total Earnings: $24.75


17.) Sign up Nielsen and earn $5.00.

Make your Internet usage count when you sign up to participate in Nielsen Research. The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel analyzes the internet usage of millions of people like you to better understand online behavior and create better products and services.

You’ll earn $5.00 from InboxDollars for signing up and registering your Internet devices.

Total Earnings: $29.75


18.) Sign up for Rate Your Experience.

Are you underpaid at your job? Rate Your Experience lets you see the real salaries of employees like you. Sign up through InboxDollars and complete your profile to earn $0.50!

Total Earnings: $30.25


19.) Find your perfect credit card with

Sign up for through InboxDollars and earn $0.25. Find your perfect credit card. Fast and easy card search with options for all credit types. You are bound to find one that works for you!

Total Earnings: $30.50


20.) Redeem 12 coupons at the grocery store.


The coupons page is another amazing, yet often overlooked, way to earn cash.  On the coupon page, there are hundreds of free, printable grocery store coupons.  The same coupons you’d get in your Sunday paper, but here you select only the ones you need.

Brands include Tide, Bounty, Kraft, Hershey’s, Pampers, Huggies and more!

The coupon savings will generally vary from $0.50 to $2.00 which means money straight back in your wallet, but here’s the best part:

InboxDollars will pay you 10-cents for every coupon you redeem in-store!

There’s no limit to how much you can earn from redeeming coupons, but if you redeem only 12 coupons on your next supermarket run, you’ll make $1.20.

Total Earnings $31.70


21.) Get Paid to Watch TV.

You can earn cash and rewards for watching TV content on InboxDollars’ TV Channel.

You can watch all kinds of content: celebrity, health, current events, and more.

As you watch more TV, the progress bar fills up so you can play the TV scratch-offs to win cash or other prizes.

scratch and win

Earnings vary, but watching a few minutes every day – from your desktop or mobile – can really add up.  At only 13-cents per day, for example, that builds up to $3.90 a month.

Total Earnings: $35.60


22.) Aquafina or Dasani?

Aquafina or Dasani?  Which do you prefer?  Let us know and complete a short survey. For registering, you’ll be eligible to win cash prizes and earn $2.00 from InboxDollars.

Make sure to sign up for Aquafina vs Dasani offer on the Cash Offers page to earn your $2.00. Note this is a limited time cash increase that our partner is offering.  The payout is typically set around $1.  Act quickly on this one!

Total Earnings: $37.60



Boom, there you have it.  An easy-to-follow list of great tips to bank your first $30+ in earnings.

Keep in mind, some of the offers may take 7-30 days to credit. Some partners credit the offers quickly, others take a while. As soon as a partner lets us know that you’ve completed the offer, we will immediately show you the payout in your earnings dashboard.

Additionally, available offers and payout amounts are always changing.  An offer paying $1.25 today may pay $1.75 tomorrow, or the amount may go down. It literally pays to check the Offers page frequently! Top earners know to check it daily.

And even though you’ve banked your first $30, don’t stop there! Cashback Groupon, cashback shopping, web search, and Paid Surveys are also fantastic ways to keep earning more.

While at first, Paid Surveys may be a bit difficult to qualify for – some brands are looking for a specific audience segment, or only have room for a limited number of participants – available Paid Surveys are always changing. Sooner or later, we promise you’ll find one for you. Plus, the more surveys you are able to complete the more you bolster your profile for better alignment and better qualification with other surveys.  Many gold members make $30+ a month completing just 1-3 surveys per day.

If you’re looking more inspiration though, check out these great, easy-to-follow tips on how to earn your next $30 with InboxDollars.



Most offer earnings will be credited to the member’s InboxDollars® account within a few business days of offer completion. Some offers may credit immediately, while others may take up to 30 days to credit. Members should read and comply with all requirements of an offer to ensure timely credit.

InboxDollars® credits members for completing offers based on information we receive from our Advertisers. Thusly, the Advertiser has the final say in whether or not a member is credited for completing an offer. For more information, please read full terms of Cash Offer Crediting.

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Welcome New Reader!

Join now and get the latest tips on how to earn easy cash for your online activities.

Sign up today & get a $5 bonus!

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