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How to Earn Your Next $30 with InboxDollars

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If you’ve already cashed out your first payment, congrats. You’re a gold member! There were lots of fun and free offers and surveys to help you get there. And in fact, I wrote about many of those activities in an earlier post about how to bank your first $30.

With the rush of snagging your first payment settling in, you’re probably looking for your next $30.  You may be thinking, oh boy… Now how do I get to $30 again?

As a long-time site member who’s cashed out many times, I can promise you that it’s possible. It’s painless. And it’s actually pretty fun.

Here are the best “insider” tips that I’ve discovered for banking $30 or more in thirty days.


1.) Complete the Latest Top Offers

InboxDollars’offers are ALWAYS changing. Some offers may be there for months, others may be there for less than a week.  To make sure you’re maximizing your earnings,  you’ll want to check the offers’ page several times a week. Also, make sure to check from your phone too.  Many offers are mobile only.

The current top, free offers are:

Pinecone Research: Complete surveys for Pinecone Research and earn points you can redeem for cash and other prizes.  Earn a $2.00 bonus from InboxDollars when you register, confirm your email and take the initial welcome survey.

VIP Voice:  Join VIP Voice and be a part of a community that gets their voice heard. Take surveys and earn cash while getting a chance to win $1,000! Sign up through InboxDollars today and earn $2.50 when you confirm your registration and take your first survey.

Winning Surveys: Complete a short survey for a chance to win a $1,000 H&M gift card and you’ll earn $2.50 from InboxDollars.

Gamefly: Join Gamefly and earn a $5.00 bonus.  Gamefly is the #1 online video game rental service and rent unlimited video games delivered to your door!

Lucktastic Android: Android users, install the Lucktastic app and you can win prizes and earn gift cards. Plus you’ll get a $1.00 bonus from InboxDollars.

Freedom Pop: Sign up for Freedom Pop and get free talk, text, and data trial with nationwide 4G coverage. You also get a free SIM card and a 30-day risk-free trial.  Activate your plan and get a $2.00 cash bonus from InboxDollars. Like the plan? If you keep your plan for at least 3 months, you’ll earn an additional $10.00 cash bonus from InboxDollars!


In a typical month, I’ll earn at least $5.00 by paying attention to the latest offers and completing the ones that I qualify for and am interested in.

Total InboxDollars Earnings: $5.00


2.) Use the Coupons Page

I love the InboxDollars Coupons page.  I love the thrill of a good deal. With 150-300+ coupons available at any given time, I can always find deals for items on my shopping list.

It’s the same coupons there you’ll find in the Sunday paper, but print them off from InboxDollars and you’ll earn 10-cents for each coupon you use.

I print off the deals that are relevant to me, which generally translates into 3-8 coupons per week.

The key to saving (and earning) money with coupons is this: only use coupons on items that you were already going to buy, and only if the coupon offers real savings. If other similar products are cheaper, even without a coupon, then go with the better deal!

In a given month, I’ll redeem 15 coupons and bank $1.50 from InboxDollars.

Total InboxDollars Earnings: $6.50


3.) Refer Your Friends

When you refer your friends to InboxDollars, you’ll earn $1 for each friend who signs up (up to 5 friends total) and you’ll earn 30% of their earnings.

After I first joined the site, I invited all of my friends and social contacts and zero people signed up.

However, I was persistent. I posted a check showing my first payment and included my referral link. (Your referral link is the link you give friends to sign up for InboxDollars – it is specially coded so that you get the credit for their sign-ups.)  And that prompted a few people to sign up.  And now every time I cash out, I share a photo of the payment.  Each time I do so, another couple of people will join.

Invite all your friends, family, and social contacts to start earning, and if at least 3 of them sign up and become active members, that’s $3.00 off the bat.  And when you get 30% of their earnings, that’s easily another couple bucks.

Total InboxDollars Earnings: $11.50 


4.) Buy Your Next Birthday, Christmas, or Other Present on InboxDollars

I love the offers page.  More specifically, I love the free offers. And for a long time, I stuck with only doing free, easy cash offers. (Offers free to sign up for, with no credit card required.)

But through regularly scanning the offers page (since the deals change constantly), I saw some really intriguing ones pop up. Fandango, Amazon Prime,  and Winc are great examples.

With Winc, for example, I purchased 4 bottles of wine for $30 (with free shipping and with no tax) which is a pretty good deal. Only $7.50 a bottle to indulge in some unique, high-quality wine.

Offering a bottle of wine is always a great gift. With the set of 4 bottles I purchased, I used one as an anniversary gift, one as a birthday gift, and two as hostess gifts. Purchasing four gifts at $7.50 a piece is a fantastic deal.

In addition to that, InboxDollars paid me $20 for trying Winc.

Note – if you don’t like wine or gifting wine, I don’t advise trying this particular offer. No one wants you to spend money to make money.  The whole idea is earning a cashback bonus on something that you’re genuinely interested in trying.  (And you can find other great gifty offers like Barkbox.)

Keep in mind though that wine really is a versatile gift.  And if you drink the occasional bottle or have friends or family who do, then the Winc offer truly is a great deal.

Total InboxDollars Earnings: $31.50


5.) Watch More TV.

I check out (or try to check out) the InboxDollars TV Channel daily.

I’ve found a lot of great content there. Typically, I like watching the news or celebrity news (a guilty pleasure) and will watch the content on my desktop at work or on my mobile while working out at the gym.

Some days there’s a lot of content to watch (and higher available earnings), some days there’s less.  But on average, I can earn about $3.00 a month by checking out the TV Channel for at least a few minutes every day. Click here to check out the InboxDollars TV Channel and get started earning your rewards now!

Total InboxDollars Earnings: $34.50


6.) Surveys Are Your Friend! Complete Just One Survey a Day

When I initially started doing surveys on, I did not have a set plan. Some days, I would take three or more. Other days, I would not qualify for the first handful of surveys I tried and would get discouraged.

But about a year ago, I adopted a more dogged approach. Every day my goal is to qualify for and complete at least one survey. That’s all. One survey on any topic and of any length and of any payout.

For newer members, getting started might be frustrating. Some brands may only have room for a set number of participants so you may not get in. And there are pre-qualifying questions because some surveys may be looking for a very specific audience segment.

But here’s the thing: the more surveys you are able to qualify for and complete, the more you’ll bolster your profile, and the more you’ll get matched up with surveys that are a fit.

Different surveys need all kinds of members from all backgrounds and ages – there isn’t one audience group that’s better than others.  And InboxDollars wants you to be able to qualify for and complete as many surveys as possible; InboxDollars only gets paid when you do.  When you get disqualified from a survey, InboxDollars does too.

So it can take a little patience starting out, but it is well worth it. Many members do only surveys and cash out every couple of weeks!

Again, my goal is to complete just one survey a day.  Because surveys are always changing, some days it takes me only a couple of survey attempts to reach this goal (and I then go on to complete a couple more surveys.) Other days, it may take five or six tries or even more to qualify and once I have completed one survey I am done with surveys for the day.

Because of this approach, I end up completing about 45 surveys a month. Earnings vary – and it is easier to qualify for less audience-specific surveys with lower payouts. But typically, I can make $27 a month with surveys.

Total InboxDollars Earnings:  $61.50


There you have it.  Here are my favorite tips on how to boost your earnings and earn your next gift card or check payout more quickly. Whether completing more surveys,  or checking out offers that are the right fit for you, or just remembering to read your PaidEmails and use InboxDollars Search, all of these activities add up.

The key is having a consistent, persistent approach. Before you know it, you’ll be cashing out more easily and more often.

And while you’re in the groove, check out more ways you can earn cash through InboxDollars’ shopping rebates.

Most offer earnings will be credited to the member’s InboxDollars® account within a few business days of offer completion. Some offers may credit immediately, while others may take up to 30 days to credit. Members should read and comply with all requirements of an offer to ensure timely credit.

InboxDollars® credits members for completing offers based on information we receive from our Advertisers. Thusly, the Advertiser has the final say in whether or not a member is credited for completing an offer. For more information, please read full terms of Cash Offer Crediting.

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