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What is a Paid Survey?

What is a Paid Survey?

A Paid Survey is a type of survey where a participant or member is rewarded through an incentive program for completing one or more surveys.

Where Can I Take Paid Surveys?

Join InboxDollars now and be a part of a program that has paid over $50 million to their members.
We are an online rewards club and a paid surveys community where members can influence future products and services. Members do this by taking surveys online and doing product tests.
We work with market research companies and match you with surveys that are relevant to you. When you complete a survey ranging from 5-20 minutes you make money.

Why Does My Opinion Matter?

Companies and brands want your opinion because they want to make sure that their products or services are something that consumers (you) are interested in.
One example would be that a brand like Coke or Pepsi wants to know more about what kind of people are buying their beverages. They might want to learn more about the age, gender, income, or location of the people who like or dislike their products. They might use this for marketing purposes or to make decisions about their future products. Brands like this spend a lot of time and money investing market research to get your feedback. You just get money for doing them a favor – it’s a total win-win!

How Do I Get Started?

Make sure you have an account on InboxDollars and it is activated. Be sure to activate your email by clicking on the email sent to you. After your account is activated, you will find 4 surveys on our homepage, the Qualifications survey, the General Profile survey, the Household survey, and the Interest survey. Each of these will unlock more surveys for you so make sure you take them first. Without taking these surveys, companies will not know what kind of surveys are right for you. New members get an addition $5.00 for signing up, so you’ve got yourself some money already! Be sure to read our Tips on Taking Paid Surveys for more ways to earn extra cash.

How Does it Work?

InboxDollars gathers information about you, this is the first step of activating your account. There are four surveys you must take, the Qualifications Survey, the General Profile survey, the Household survey and the Interest survey. These surveys help gather basic information about you like your income, your work, your interests, etc.
InboxDollars then finds surveys from brands that match your profile. When this happens, you will get notified through your email when new surveys are added, so it is very important to check your email daily.
You don’t want to miss out on a survey that was aimed towards you! The more surveys you take, the easier you will get qualified. This is because overtime, companies will know what you like and what you don’t like. There will be times where you won’t be qualified for a survey but we will always generate a new one for you right away.

How Do I Make Money?

In order to make money and get your money cashed out, you need to be a member first. Make an account on InboxDollars, check your email, and activate it. Every survey that you take can range from 0.25 cents to $5.00, sometimes even more. Surveys that require more time will have a higher amount.
Once you’ve reached $30 or more in your InboxDollars account, you can request a payment, which will then be sent to you by mail. Keep in mind, in order for you to be qualified for a survey, you must be in the right candidate for that survey, that is why it is very important to take those four surveys in the beginning (qualifications, general, household, interest) – read more about these surveys here and how to qualify for future surveys.
Once you’ve taken those steps, consistently check your emails. New surveys are always being added and you will be notified right away when they do.

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